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Hey guys. Thanks for inviting me to Sweden, I definitely plan on visiting sometime. It will have to be over the summer though, because I am not a winter person. And anytime you have any questions for me on why Americans are so crazy, just tell Anna and she will let me know!
~ Katelyn
Ja fraga pa nu, nu kan ni fraga vad ni vill - om varfor de ar sa religiosa, vad de har for fordomar om Europa och Sverige, varfor de ar inblandade i sa manga krig och konflikter.

Postat av: Jojo

Neeej vad kul :D

Summer, yeah that's probably a good idea, I almost froze to death today :(

Allright, first question; what did you know about Sweden before you met Anna?

Do you find studying hard? I know that Anna finds it rather easy compared to swedish school.

We love shows like the Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy here, are they equally liked in the US? Does Family Guy upset people?

And I also want to ask what YOU think about your country! And is there any other country you could imagine living in?

Lots of hugs from Jojo!

2012-03-19 @ 17:00:56
Postat av: Katelyn

Hi Jojo!

So before I met Anna, all I knew about Sweden was that it is a Scandinavian country, the flag is blue with a yellow cross, and Stockholm is the capital. I also assumed you guys were all blond and ate lots of fish for some reason. Anna certainly helped me learn more :)

I don't find studying hard in most of my classes. Really, I don't study at all this semester. It depends on the classes. Last year, I had Calculus, and I really had to study for that. I'm not a math person.

Here, people do love all those shows. The Big Bang Theory is really popular right now. I like Family Guy, but I'm pretty liberal. Conservatives are more sensitive to that kind of show.

So about the U.S.- Well, our foreign policy sometimes annoys me, and I know that some of the stereotypes Europeans have about us can be pretty accurate. But really, I am proud of my country, and especially my current president. I could imagine living in other countries, though. I would love to live anywhere in Europe when I get the chance to study abroad in college. I also always joke with my family that if Rick Santorum is elected president, I'm moving to Canada. Canada is very similar to the U.S, but Canadians are a bit more reserved. I'll think of some good questions for you now! ~Katelyn

2012-03-19 @ 21:42:12
Postat av: Jojo

Wow, great answers, thank you! This really is interesting!

Ask anything you like :D

2012-03-20 @ 00:09:45

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