en liten halsning

Hi guys. I know no Swedish, so bear with me. My name is Katelyn, and I've gotten to know Anna in Intro to Leadership. It is crazy how awesome she is, and the U.S. is lucky to have her for 3 more months. If everyone is Sweden is half as cool as Anna, I will most definitely move there :)
Tja Sverige! Det har med bloggandet gar inte sa jattebra. Har Intro to Leadership just nu. Vi gor ingenting, typ bara googlar saker haha. Katelyn sa hej i alla fall ^ som ni sag. Hon ar snall.

Postat av: Jojo

Hi Katelyn!! You should come visit, we'll show u how to party swedish style ^^

2012-03-15 @ 20:15:44
Postat av: Charlotte

Hi Katelyn! I agree with Jojo, you should definitely come to Sweden :D Although it is freezing during the winter, the summers are awesome!

2012-03-15 @ 22:16:35

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